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Write a blog

We want to capture the views of people and organisations from across the nation in the form of guest posts on how we deliver a better society, and the actions being taking to achieve the goals. Your blog could consist of a video, podcast, news story or solely your own opinions. Some examples are listed below:

  • Article about what you are doing to progress a specific SDG

  • An opinion piece on what is needed to advance one or more of the goals

  • A news story about an event you have held or report that has been released

  • Comment piece on a recent political event

  • Interview with people and communities about one or more of the goals

Ideally, your blog will be no longer than 500 words, and it will be accompanied with relevant supporting images or videos, including a headshot of the author. Please make sure that you own the rights to any photos or videos you share or that they have been licensed through Creative Commons

Share your blog by emailing it to We cannot guarantee that your blog will be posted and we will not publish any articles relating to the sale of products or services.

Latest blogs

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