Scotland's Sustainable Development Goals Network
Join our new steering group - are you the person to help take our network forward?

Summer 2020 saw the publication of Scotland’s first national review of the country's progress on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), developed in partnership between SDG Network Scotland and the Scottish Government. Now with an understanding of how Scotland is performing across each of the 17 SDGs, we must look to drive action towards the goals.

There is an opportunity to speak out as one voice, share ideas and transformative solutions as we look to build back better from global challenges. We can go further as a network, and it’s what we hope can be realised with the leadership of SDG Network Scotland's first official steering group.

Any member of SDG Network Scotland (has a registered email address on the networks online forum) can put themselves forward, with nominations set to open for up to ten spaces on the group. More information can be found below, including the call for nominations. 

This page will be updated on Friday 28th September 2020 with all dates for the nominations process as well as links to the final steering group guidelines and nominations info pack.  

Call for nominations 

SDG Network Scotland has always been an informal coalition, which grew organically over time through coordination and members stepping up. This worked in the early stages, but the network needs a diverse leadership to progress and go further.

As a member of the network’s first official steering group, you will have the opportunity to provide strategic leadership for a well-established network with a mission to make Scotland a more sustainable nation by facilitating collaborative action towards the SDGs.

The network is not a registered entity and receives no funding at this time. The existing arrangements of support from a dedicated coordinator will reduce in the months ahead, and it is expected that the steering group will operate independently from the early part of 2021. 

The steering group will therefore be crucial to the future success of the coalition and building on the foundations set by the Scottish review. This makes a position in the group an exciting opportunity to nurture and protect this space and find new opportunities to drive action on the SDGs in Scotland.

All members of the steering group will give their time voluntarily and must be willing to dedicate time to regular steering group meetings. Nominations to join will be open to all members of the network’s online forum. You can read more about the intended role of the steering group using the links above (to be published on 28th September), on top of the network’s new terms of reference.

SDG Network Scotland needs diverse leadership to have a deeper upstanding of its community and wider society and to take forward its mission. You do not need to be attached to an organisation and people from all backgrounds are encouraged to put themselves forward.   

What is the process?


Nominations will open at midday on XX October and close at midday on XX October. 

There are a number of ways to complete your nomination. You can either:

  1. Complete an online nomination form OR
  2. Send us a video with answers to questions in the information pack OR
  3. Download and complete a plain text nomination form and send by email

If none of these methods are suitable, we will work with you to find alternative methods to ensure you can participate effectively.

If we receive fewer than or the exact number of spaces available on the steering group (up to 10 spaces), those nominated will automatically form the new steering group. This will be announced on XX October. 

Members of the network will be provided with the information submitted by nominees, in line with SCVO’s (currently coordinating network) GDPR policy.


If the number of nominees exceeds the number of available spaces on the steering group, an election will be called on XX October.

Members of the network will be provided with the information submitted by nominees, and each member of the network’s online forum will have one opportunity to vote – this will be checked against registered email addresses.

The vote will open at midday on XX October and close midday on XX October. The vote will take place by Borda Count, which means each member will be able to vote for their top four candidates in order of preference.

When casting their votes, members of the network will be encouraged to consider the intersectional diversity of the steering group, such as gender and ethnicity.

The election results will be announced on XX. 

Next steps

Come back soon - nominations have not yet opened as we finalise our process.