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SDG Network Workshop: Shaping our community together

SDG Network Scotland was formed in 2017 out of a demand to increase working together and partnership on the SDGs across Scotland and beyond. The coalition is here to build awareness and engagement across civil society and with business and government. The changing environment and role of SDG Network Scotland mean we need to look at how we make the Network valuable to all our different members, develop a new vision and approach for how we achieve this and look at what resource and change are needed in the short to medium term. 

SDG Network Scotland

Past and present

Together, members of SDG Network Scotland have helped mobilise people and organisations to take membership of the network to more than 230 organisations and people. Through collaborating on briefings, letters and events, the network has secured a commitment to the SDGs from the Convenors of all Scottish Parliamentary Committees and the First Minister committed her Government to work with us.

In recent months, SDG Network Scotland has been joined by local and national government, and we submitted evidence to the UK Parliament’s IDC inquiry into SDG progress. Our working group on the Voluntary National Review on SDG progress has sought to use open tools and approaches, with the aim of securing a partnership approach between the Scottish Government, civil society and other major stakeholders.

The future 

This workshop will help us to better understand and plan for how we maintain momentum, build on what’s been set up and bring in some new ways of working that provide ownership, shared responsibility and inclusive space to ensure we’re as prepared and agile as possible.

The agenda for the session can be found here.

The workshop will be just one of many opportunities to shape the network and we will be planning online activities to reach out to members across Scotland. We will also look into adding online functionality for remote users to join the workshop.

Next steps

Register to attend the workshop

We will be holding the workshop at Hayweight House in Edinburgh on 20th March from 12:30 – 4:30 pm to co-create the next stages of developing Scotland’s SDG Network; from purpose and organisation to activities and membership.

Please register using the form below:

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