Scotland's Sustainable Development Goals Network

SDGs Training for Multipliers

Interested in building your capacity to facilitate conversations about how to implement the 17 SDGs at the local and regional level?


The SDG Training of Multipliers aims to engage vitally important conversations of how to accelerate the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at a local and regional scale in ways that are carefully adapted to the bio-cultural uniqueness of each locality. Launched in December 2016, there have already been nearly 40 Trainings of Multipliers all over the world.

This highly interactive training uses the SDGs Flashcards and the SDG Handbook developed by Gaia Education and supported by UNESCO Global Action Programme. The Flashcards contain more than 200 questions structured into the four dimensions of Gaia Education’s whole systems approach to sustainability (social, ecological, economic and worldview). Participants explore each of the 17 SDGs in question-focused group conversations which aim to collaboratively identify local actions and strategies that support the acceleration of their implementation. In doing so, participants generate meaningful, locally relevant manifestations of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and encourage a community-focused approach to achieving the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

The Training of Multipliers also supports participants in the process of stepping forward to become Multipliers and offer a training themselves. The training encourages more people to engage in conversations about unique ways in which to implement the Global Goals within local communities.

Further information on the SDG Training of Multipliers, as well as upcoming trainings, past events and links to purchase the SDG Flashcards and Handbook can be found here.

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