Sustainable Development Goals Scotland

Global Goals Jam Sponsorship

This year we are looking for four to five sponsors to propose challenges for the Global Goals Jam in Edinburgh. Sponsors can come from any sector and should have a specific challenge related to the target goals to present to the participants. Sponsorship guidelines and suggestions for challenges can be found before.

If you would like to sponsor a challenge or request more information, please get in touch with Cat Magill at or 07534 099561.

We are also recruiting participants from across Edinburgh (and beyond), so if you would like to join or help spread the word, please let us know.

Sponsoring a Challenge Guidelines

  • Identify a specific challenge relevant to your organisation or company that can be targeted through a weekend of brainstorming and creative thinking. The challenge should be able to be addressed by an actionable intervention, for example:
    • developing a new tool or resource
    • applying an existing tool or resource in a new way
    • analysing and/or visualising data
    • finding a new way to deliver a service
    • developing a new product concept
    • creating an app, etc.
  • If possible and relevant, provide one or more datasets that can be used to help understand the challenge. We have a team of data scientists that can help you prepare (clean and desensitise) the data before the event.
  • Present the challenge to the participants at the event kick-off on Friday 15 Sept between 5 and 7pm (it is not necessary to stay for the entire event).
  • Encourage any interested staff members to serve as mentors over the weekend (they should be able to attend a 1-hour orientation meeting before the event and be present for one 4-hour time period during the event).
  • Provide one person to serve on a judging panel on Sunday 17 September from 4-6pm (also invited to post-event reception).
  • Contribute sponsorship support of £250-500. Funds will be used to cover costs of materials and food for participants during the event.
  • Your challenge will be publicised on the Edinburgh Global Goals Jam 2017 website (forthcoming) and will be addressed by one of the teams participating in the Jam.

Target goals for this year’s Jam

Challenges from Global Goals Jam 2016

Goal 7: Affordable and clean energy

  • Using open data about power consumption and solar energy installations in India, create a dynamic map that shows changing use of solar energy over time.
  • How can we use data and art to provoke questions about the finances, geography and politics of the growing global demand for solar energy?

Goal 11: Sustainable cities and communities

  • How might we make libraries viable in a time of digital books and falling budgets?
  • How might we get public support for greater investment in active travel?

Goal 12: Responsible consumption and production

  • How might we engage people in saving energy and developing a culture of reuse?
  • How might we map drinking water ‘deserts’ and eliminate them?
  • How might consumers influence suppliers to be more socially responsible and sustainable?

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