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Network update: latest developments and events (May 2020)

Network update: latest developments and events (May 2020)

By Paul Bradley | May 2020SDG Network Scotland Coordinator

If you’re like me, then you’re probably receiving far too many emails from organisations right now. I hope this one, though, is a useful update on matters relating to COP 26, the SDG agenda in Scotland and globally, and what our interim steering group is working on at the monthly meetings.

I’ve also included a range of interesting webinars taking place through May and June – that’s if you can handle more Zoom in your life! I plan to attend many of these, including tomorrow’s on the wellbeing economy in Scotland and Friday’s COP Coalition public meeting on coronavirus and climate.

I’d also like to thank all of you that are continuing to use this space to share news, events and to spark conversations with others. Remember to follow us on Twitter @SDGScotland if you’ve not already, and get in touch if you would like us to share your articles, blogs or other material on our website,

‘Joined-up’ thinking and cross-sector collaboration can make Scotland leader in sustainable development

Launched at the start of May, Scotland’s International Development Alliance’s new report – Improving Policy Coherence in Scotland – aims to bring together civil society and Government to make Scotland a leader in its approach to sustainable development. It asks all of us – government officials, politicians and civil society – to think systematically and recommends using an open-source online platform to enable a collaborative approach to policy development.

Delays to COP26 in Glasgow – update and what next? 

We have known for some time that COP26 climate talks in Glasgow are postponed until 2021. I attended the recent meetings of the UK COP Coalition and Scottish Coalition, facilitated by Stop Climate Chaos Scotland (SCCS), to find out more:

  • Delayed potentially until November 2021 and no sooner than May 2021
  • UK Government remain certain the location will be Glasgow
  • UK Government not planning a scaled back COP/joint COP, or 2 COPs in one year
  • SCCS webinar series starting with an intro to COP will take place
  • Friday 8 May, holding a COP26 Coalition Public Meeting
  • Possibility of a larger online event in November, when COP would have taken place

SDGs a road map to enable the recovery from the crisis

The UN has stated that the coronavirus crisis is ‘likely to have a profound and negative effect on sustainable development efforts’ concerning both achieving the UN SDGs and implementing the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. While the pandemic will have an impact on all 17 of the Goals, the UN has illustrated some of the expected first and second-order effects on SDGs implementation in its March report.

Spring publication of Scottish National Review on SDGs

Lewis MacDonald MSP lodged a Parliamentary Question to ask the Scottish Government by what date it will publish the final version of the Scottish National Review on the SDGs. Cabinet Secretary Kate Forbes responded on 23 March: “The Scottish Supplementary Review on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is planned to be published by this Spring, as I confirmed to Parliament during the Members Debate on SDGs.” We continue to monitor the situation.

SDG Network Scotland business

The network’s interim steering group continues to meet every month to focus on matters that relate to the development and sustainability of SDG Network Scotland. Having recently developed a new mission, vision and behaviours for the network, the group’s most recent meeting in April focused on the governance of the network. Notes from that meeting are available, and all papers can be accessed here. We expect to share more on this in the weeks ahead.

Events for you – webinars on COP, climate, circular economy, wellbeing and business

After Corona: How to build back better to a wellbeing economy (4pm, tomorrow – 7 May) sees Jamie Cooke, Head of RSA Scotland, and Dr Katherine Trebeck, Advocacy and Influencing Lead at the Wellbeing Economy Alliance (WEAll) discuss the opportunities for economic restructure post Covid-19.

COP26 Coalition: Coronavirus and Climate Justice (1pm, Friday – 8 May) sees the UK COP Coalition invite you to their first webinar: Coronavirus and Climate Justice to deepen your understanding of the connections between climate, the coronavirus and inequality, and explore the response to the crisis.

Zero Waste Scotland: An Introduction to Circular Economy (11am, Thursday 14 May) will explore the concepts behind a circular economy, have a look at what is already being achieved in the creative industries sector and hear about what happens at Zero Waste Scotland.

Introducing the SDG Action Manager (2pm, Monday 18 May) with the UN Global Compact Network UK will help you learn more about the SDG Action Manager, find out how you can use it in your own organisation and take part in a Q&A about the SDG Action Manager.

Nature-based solutions for climate change: from ambition to action (2pm, Friday 22 May) with the International Institute for Environment and Development will discuss how we can translate the global ambition around nature-based solutions for climate change into local action.

Making Global Goals Local Business: Edinburgh edition (2pm, Tuesday 26 May) offers attendees the opportunity to delve into the SDGs and explore opportunities to take action within your own organisation while connecting and interacting with others.

A selection of webinars are also taking place in May and June on climate as part of the Common Home, Common Ground Webinar Series, tackling issues around the media, coronavirus, COP, political leadership and the youth climate movement.

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