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Our new vision, mission and more! (February 2020)

By Paul Bradley | February 2020

SDG Network Scotland Coordinator

Our forum for SDG Network Scotland will soon hit 500 members, having set up this online space 18 months ago. We’ve got some good outlets too, such as @SDGScotland on Twitter and our public-facing site,

We’re also getting there with the Scottish SDGs Review (dare I say it), we have a good relationship with Scottish Government – who are involved in this network – and others are using this forum to share stories, events, questions and more.

The network receives no funding, so it relies on people stepping forward to drive it. We had a good level of engagement in last year’s network development workshop, as well as our member survey on how the network can have more impact.

Most recently, others have stepped forward to join an interim steering space (until July, to see how it’s working) to focus minds and move beyond the review – while still making sure it’s published – and the fluffy stuff around visions and missions (albeit an important thing).

This group, which anyone can be a part of, met online on Wednesday. You can find reflections from the meeting can here, but I’ve pulled out some key pieces for you:

  • The group will consider mini-task groups where members can take the lead and do not rely on the coordinator. One could be on comms, another one on COP etc
  • We will produce clear readouts from each meeting to ensure the wider network can follow developments, as well as get involved in meetings
  • The group will draft a letter to the First Minister regarding the Scottish review, as well as ensuring the government’s continued commitment to SDGs and the network. The letter will be open and allow space for as much support as possible.
  • Final versions of SDG Network Scotland’s vision, mission and behaviours will be shared on the forum and via social media
  • Following a suggestion from a network member, the group will work together on a short outline of a possible approach to COP Glasgow (the UN climate change summit in November) and seek input/ interest/commitment from the broader network.

I’ll share more on the above in the coming weeks. The reflections from the meeting should be a useful read, as should the papers for the meeting – found here.

For now, the network’s vision, mission and behaviours that we aspire to are here and below. These can evolve and develop, as will the network, but they provide a reasonable basis for moving forward on more tangible activity on the SDGs. They may look simple, but a lot of members’ time has gone into these, so thank you!

Our vision:

SDG Network Scotland’s vision is for Scotland to be a world leader in championing and delivering the SDGs

Our mission:

SDG Network Scotland’s mission is to create an enabling environment in Scotland where the SDGs are championed and delivered by all

Our members:

SDG Network Scotland is an open coalition that any individual and organisation can join. All you need to do is share our mission and vision

Our behaviours we aspire to:

Members should feel part of an interconnected network; Members should be viewed as resourceful and bringing strengths; Members should share the network’s vision; Power is shared, and equality of voice actively promoted; Decision-making is devolved; Accountability is mutual; Open and trusting relationships enable dialogue; Leadership is collaborative and promoted at all levels; Feedback and collective learning drive adaptation (adapted from the Lankelly Chase system behaviours). 

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