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Secretary of State Rory Stewart launches UK review of progress towards the Global Goals

How government, business, civil society and the public across the UK are working to achieve the Global Goals.

Secretary of State Rory Stewart today launched a report on the UK’s progress towards the Global Goals (also known as the Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs).

The UK played a key role in the creation of the Global Goals, aimed at making the world a fairer, healthier, safer and more prosperous place for everyone, everywhere by 2030. The UK is responsible for achieving them here in the UK and contributing to the Goals in developing countries.

The report published today sets out how government, business, civil society and the public across the UK are making the Goals a reality, here at home, and around the world, and will outline challenges that remain to reach these ambitious targets by 2030. The UK will present these findings to the United Nations in July.

Secretary of State Rory Stewart launched the UK’s progress report – also known as the Voluntary National Review – at Torriano Primary School in Camden, north London today.

Speaking at the event, he said:

This amazing primary school in London is arranged completely around the Global Goals, in other words the children here are studying a normal curriculum but they’re doing it by thinking about poverty, by thinking about water quality by thinking about air quality and by thinking about their fundamental rights and the interests of the planet.

The United Kingdom’s Voluntary National Review is an opportunity for us to reflect – not just on what we do abroad in international development but how we conduct ourselves at home.

And learn through doing it and share with countries, from Malawi right the way through to Indonesia, what we’ve learnt in how to deal with climate, how to deal with water quality and how to deal with the real challenges that face not just us but every country on earth.

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