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Update from SDG Network Coordinator: Sustaining the Network

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Scotland’s SDG Network has grown to nearly 230 members and is now a key group when it comes to discussing the SDGs and National Outcomes in Scotland. But where do we go next?


We spent our first 18 months setting up the Network and involving as many people as possible in our activities. Together, we’ve built plans in the open for these to be reviewed and critiqued, sought members to step up to working groups, and took forward time-intensive work in facilitating the early stages of network development. We now have a forum, social media and website presence to support our work. Find out more about what we got up to in 2018 here


The Network includes citizens, third sector, public sector, some business and government, and we are working collaboratively in the Network’s open (anyone can join) Working Group for the Voluntary National Review on SDG progress to make the most of the opportunity to build awareness and action. As we take this work forward, we’re also committed to look at what’s needed to sustain the Network.


The changing environment and role of the SDG Scotland Network means we need to look at how we make the Network valuable to all our different members, develop a new vision and approach for how we achieve this and look at what resource and change is needed in the short to medium term. What are our shared priorities, does everyone really feel they know what it is to be a member, and how can we create more shared responsibility across organisations and members?


Over the next week, we will be sharing a timeline for how we see this work taking place. This will include a process for selecting an appropriate independent facilitator to support our main workshop, as well as information on other possible opportunities to contribute online. We will also be holding a planning meeting in early February online Via Zoom for members to shape this engagement approach. We’ll be using the Network’s forum to share all information and seek input. 


I’m excited about this next stage, which should see the Network have a co-developed sense of purpose and direction by late spring and help us focus on life after the 2019 Voluntary National Review on SDG progress.

By Paul Bradley, SDG Network Coordinator 

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